December in Utrecht: Experiences of your fellow international students

Elena – from Russia

Studies RMA Linguistics

In my home country, Christmas is not celebrated much as it comes after the New Years. That’s why I am planning to stay in the Netherlands around Christmas time to feel the special vibe of coziness, warmth and family reunion. This year it is very important to feel these things after all that we had to go through. I am happy that I can join the Dutch family of my boyfriend for a cozy Christmas celebration in a small Dutch town. There will be lots of presents, movie nights and hot chocolate milk!

Tú – from Vietnam

Studies Master in Nanomaterials Science

Since we are all in this corona pandemic, Christmas holidays is going to be a bit different than before. Everything is going online and human interaction is limited. As an international student, I can not surely fly back home to see my family myself, but you know what, gifts can 😉 This Christmas, I am going to be a Secret Santa surprising my family members in Vietnam with presents that I bought for them online. For my friends, I am going to spend my quality time with them via this Gather town where we can all video call and virtually move around as if we actually meet in person. So, that’s pretty much how I would enjoy my Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone 🙂

P/S: Here is the link for Gather Town:

Joey – from the United Kingdom

Studies Master in Earth Sciences

It’s my second year in Utrecht but my first year here for Christmas, and I’m excited! At first it was sad not being able to go home, but I bought a little Christmas tree, and invited my friend over who is also staying here for Christmas to help decorate it. If the weather is good, we plan on cycling around the province over Christmas to see more of where we live.

A picture of Joey’s lovely christmas tree:


Picture: Victor M. Lansink / 801340 / Collection Het Utrechts Archief

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