September in Utrecht – The Singel is connected again!

Until 1970, Utrecht was completely surrounded by its canals. The canal, called the Singel, was partly filled in 1970 to make place for a highway. Now, 50 years later, part of the Singel below the shopping centre Hoog Catharijne has been dug out again, which means you can sail all the way around Utrecht on the 5.2 km long Singel!

The official re-opening on September 12th was a historical moment, which was celebrated with a huge bucket of water being emptied in the Singel.

Along the Singel there is a lot of green space with some bars and restaurants, but also a lot of quiet places where you can relax. Along the Singel you can go for a picnic, do some sports or even go shopping! Next to that, you can also enjoy all momuments and historical sights along the Singel from a small boat, canoe or while supping!

Picture: Goosen, D.C. / 850137 / Het Utrechts Archief

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