Always insight into your finances at ABN AMRO! You are going to study in the Netherlands. Great! We wish you good luck and lots of fun, but are you also thinking about your finances? Open your dutch student bank account at ABN AMRO and we help you off to a good start!

If you open a Student Account, you will of course also receive a debit card. With that you can withdraw cash, withdraw money and pay contactlessly or via Apple Pay. And you know exactly when your stufi has been deposited, because you can easily set up push notifications in our Mobile Banking app.


Payment account and debit card

With your debit card you can pay by debit card and contactless. You will never forget your pin code, because you choose it yourself.

Insight into your finances

Do you want to know if your stufi has been deposited? You can easily set whether you want to receive push notifications when money is deposited or debited.

International Students!


All adult students inside and outside the EU can become an online customer around 24 August with and without a BSN. Required documentation

a. Passport from outside the EU / Identity card or passport within the EU (Mandatory)

b. Proof of registration / student card or duo (required)

c. TIN / FIN (Mandatory)

d. BSN optional with application, after 6 weeks the BSN must still be submitted.

Until August 24, non-EU students can start the application online, but they still have to come to the office. EU students with BSN can already apply entirely online. Given COVID19, we want to have as few people as possible in the office because of the safety of our customers.


Under age

Underage students must come to the office and only by appointment, providing the following information in advance

a. Two Application forms; one of the student and one of the parent

b. The student must provide the same documentation as under 1 plus a copy of the parents’ ID and declaration of consent.

c. An image banking appointment with the parent (s) follow.

Underage students under the age of 17 are individually presented to the second-line parties Legal & Compliance regarding data processing in the GDPR a. For students under the age of 17 the same documents, but mentioning in the subject: Please note: under 17 years old.


Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?