Dutch Culture: Cycling
Netherlands, the country of bicycles. When living in Utrecht, you will experience the fascinating conglomerate of two-wheelers passing through the city on a daily basis, as you become a part of it as well. See this section to gain a deeper understanding of bike culture in Utrecht and the Netherlands!

Bike Culture in Utrecht

Cycling in the Netherlands is an experience in itself. With 125.000 bikes passing through the city everyday, you will undoubtedly experience Utrecht’s bike culture full of awe. Check out the video below to help you understand how this flow of bicycles manages to get through our city every day!

The biggest bike lot in the world

Where to put the thousands of bikes that pass through Utrecht on a daily basis? There are many lots in Utrecht to store your bike while you you go about doing your thing, but there is only one lot which can be called not only the largest bike lot in Utrecht, but in the whole world! With 12.500 places, this lot has three stories and its own bike repair shop. Check out the video below to get a preview of this grand construction!

Check out this video by our Orientation team who visited the bike lot for you!

Bike routes in- and around Utrecht

There is no better country to cycle in than the Netherlands. This is due to its flatness (Netherlands literally means flat land) and its relatively compact size. Cycling from Utrecht to Amsterdam for example, takes you less than three hours! Furthermore, the bike paths throughout the country allow for beautiful views and stress-free navigation. With 36.000 km of bike paths, you also don’t have to worry about ever running out of new places to explore. Check this website for beautiful bike routes around Utrecht, or this one for an overview of routes throughout the Netherlands.



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