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This is where fresh minds and hands come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development

Dear new Utrecht University student. Welcome to Utrecht!

You are currently taking the first few steps to a new life chapter, and we – the Green Office – would like to be a part of it. We are Utrecht University’s central sustainability hub that seeks to make the university’s policy tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff by informing them, involving them and empowering them to act.

As has been agreed upon by the majority of scientists, we are currently in the midst of a global environmental emergency. In fact, the situation and its causes are only getting worse, with an increasing number of natural disasters engulfing the world.

You are one person, and while your lifestyle changes can already make a difference, what we need even more is a change of mindset, of awareness, and of the way we keep decision-makers on their toes.

To achieve that, the world needs your vote, your words and your bright ideas. The Green Office is here to support you on this journey.

A glimpse of our current projects

Buy and sell second-hand through our online Thrift Shop

This page is intended for students living in Utrecht to sell or give away items that they no longer need, but which are still usable for others. The goal is to increase the reuse of everyday products and reduce waste. [Due to current health and safety restrictions, this page currently replaces our physical bi-yearly Thrift Shop]

Utrecht University’s Sustainability Monitor 2019

Read these green stories of students Cas, Yana and Daantje, whose ideas gave birth to projects that are changing Utrecht University. Their stories are a testament to the potential for student involvement in the sustainable transition of a century-old institution.

Visit Utrecht University’s very own Tiny Forest

Did you know that, nestled away on the edge of the Utrecht Science Park, there is a tiny forest containing hundreds of indigenous trees? Amidst the tarmac and cement of the campus, it provides a safe haven for local wildlife and an escape for our staff and students. Can’t wait until your next Utrecht Science Park trip to pay it a visit? Check out this immersive tour where you can see the journey of Utrecht University’s Tiny Forest.

International student Ciaran on the planting day of the Tiny Forest (2019)

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