International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region
Start your student adventure at the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region!

You have decided to study in the beautiful city of Utrecht, such an exciting and life-changing move! The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region welcomes you.

Studying in Utrecht, even if it is just for a semester, will be a lifechanging experience. You will discover a new city and country, make friends, absorb a different culture and maybe even learn a new language.

There is, of course, also a lot to organize. You will need to find accommodation, take care of the formalities and maybe arrange a student loan and transportation card. The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region is here to help you out.

Get help settling in

The International Welcome Centre offers free services to help you ease into your new student life in Utrecht.

Simply arrange the official procedures upon your arrival. If you are studying in Utrecht for a couple of months, there are some formalities you need to take care of. You may need to register with the municipality you will live in or you may require a special visa or permit. Please visit the International Welcome Centre to take care of these essential steps. Click here for more information.

Get free information and advice to get familiar with the local life. The International Welcome Centre helps international residents adjust to the new culture, language and way of doing things. They provide you with loads of information about housing, healthcare, education and more in English. Do you have questions? And do you want to talk things over with a fellow expat? Plan a chat with the centre’s information officers for personal information and advice – free of charge. They are happy to help!

Join the international community. Visit one of the centre’s many events to meet other internationals living, working and studying in Utrecht Region.

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Don’t miss a thing

Want to make sure that you are not missing some crucial steps? Use the International Welcome Centre’s moving guide to stay on track when relocating to the Utrecht Region. This checklist will guide you through the process step by step.

Get in touch

Feel free to visit the International Welcome Centre and have a look at their website to find loads of information about living, working and studying in Utrecht Region. Questions? Please send them an email. They hope to welcome you soon.

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