Broaden your horizon with SIB-Utrecht!

About us!

Get the most out of your student life with SIB-Utrecht! SIB is a the student association that combines the Dutch student life and its “gezelligheid” with thought-provoking activities such as Talks, symposia, and workshops! It’s a unique way to get to know Dutch culture as an international and it’s a great opportunity to explore, enjoy and experience the world around you! 

SIB has around 200 members, and an active and diverse student body; we have members who are in all kinds of different phases of their studies, from bachelor to master students, as well as students from all kinds of different disciplines and from all over the world. We also don’t participate in hazing nor is there a hierarchy! Therefore, you can decide your own path in SIB and only you decide how active you want to be!  

Impression of our weekly drinks after a talk or debate in Café Hemingway (Photo taken before COVID-19 safety measures).


Our Tuesday Evening Programme 

At SIB, we have activities every week, that are always diverse in topic, so there’s something for everyone! 

On Tuesday night, we host Talks, workshops, debate nights, or other more educational activities. Variety is key! After the activity, we always close the night off with drinks at our favourite bar The Hemingway or, in these times, on Discord where you can chat with your fellow members! The Tuesday Night forms the main body of SIB-Utrecht’s activities, and they are open to all! 

Talk on the rise of podcasts with Tim de Gier and Lamyae Aharoua in Instituto Cervantes (28-01-2020).


Our Active Student Life 

Aside from our activities on Tuesday, we organize lots of activities for our members. These are intellectual as well as social and will allow you to entertain yourself throughout your time in Utrecht. As a member you can join different committees or societies that organize events such as (film) talks, theme parties, trips, excursions, and dinners for the other members. 

Taking some perfect pictures during our recent trip to Bilbao (Spain) last year.

The world is at your feet with SIB-Utrecht

SIB also organizes all kinds of trips, such as hitchhiking trips, short trips and longer trips abroad. We have been to European destinations like Greece, Spain, and Turkey. Every year, we have a big trip to exceptional destinations such as Georgia, India or the Baltic States. Characteristic for all SIB trips is the balance of social as well as more intellectual activities and, of course, the freedom to explore on your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can I combine SIB with my studies/sport/job? 

Yes, totally! A lot of our members combine SIB with other activities in their life, such as their honours programme, (student) sport, or part-time job. SIB is actually a great addition to your student life as it gives you opportunities that you might not find in your study program. 

Are there mandatory activities at SIB? 

Nope! At SIB, nothing is mandatory. Of course, we highly encourage you to attend our activities, mainly the introductory ones, as they are designed for you to find your place within the SIB. But we will never force you to do anything: you can be as involved and active as much or as little as you want. For example, during your exam period or if you travel abroad during an exchange. 

Should I become a member in the current COVID-19 situation? 

We totally understand you might feel different about joining a student association right now. However, we believe that a SIB membership can really enhance your student life, especially in these weird times. A membership can be your entry in the student life in Utrecht, specifically as so many study related activities are also online! We still have a high variety of activities that allow you to get to know SIB, Utrecht, and keep in touch with other members! 

How much does a membership at SIB cost? 

Normally a SIB membership costs 60 euros, but since we are already have way through the year, if you sign up after February 1st you will only need to pay for the remaining portion of this academic year, which is 30 euros! You can find more about registration right here: 

Get in Touch!

You can also always get in touch if you have questions or want the latest info on our physical and digital activities. Visit our website, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin!

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