Skills Lab Utrecht University
Skills Lab offers you an overview of workshops, courses and (individual) guidance regarding writing, studying and other academic skills. You can also get free writing or study tutoring. Go to our site:

Writing tutoring (online)

Talking about your thesis, paper or essay helps you make progress! You are welcome to discuss your assignment with one of our writing tutors. A few examples of what we could help you with: tackling the assignment more efficiently, formulating your key message more succinctly, improving the structure or style of your text. The sessions are free of charge. Make an appointment.


Study coaching (online)

Would you like to make more realistic study schedules, reflect on your study approach or explore how to improve concentration or motivation? Skills Lab’s study coaches are happy to help you with scheduling and learning strategies so you can discover what works for you. Easily arrange an appointment


Train your academic skills (online)

Do you want to take your academic skills to the next level? Many UU-partners offer workshops and courses. For example: Study Skills, Photoshop, Brush p Your English, Working Consciously and Effectively From Home. For information on all workshops, courses and training sessions, take a look at our website.


Webinars academic study skills

Educational Consultancy & Professional Development organises webinars to help you improve your study skills. to help you improve your study skills. The following topics will be discussed in the first period:: Motivation and Preparing for Exams. Keep an eye on our site for dates and times.


Tips for studying and writing at home

Could your study process be more effective? Would you like to know how to stay focussed and motivated when studying at home? Interested in learning how to make a good schedule? Take a look at this Skills Lab page where we have put together some tips for planning, productivity and home study.


The following service is meant for students who are working on their thesis this year.


Thesis events

If you are working on a thesis, you can join our thesis events. The thesis kick-off (offered in period 2 and semester 2) consists of four interesting workshops. A thesis week (semester 2) will help you establish a working schedule and stay focussed. Check our site for dates and times.

Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?