Sport Centre Olympos

Sportcentrum Olympos

Olympos is the sports centre of Utrecht University and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht). Would you, as a student, like to get flexible, unlimited and affordable access to our many sports programmes? At only €140 for a whole year or €17,50 for one month, the OlymPas, the all-in membership card of Olympos, allows you to participate in the widest range of sports activities in the province of Utrecht! Without having to pay extra, the OlymPas provides you with unlimited access to our two gym locations, over 75 group lessons each week, recreational tennis, climbing and squash, many courses, and much more!


If you also wish to become a member of any of the more than 30 student sports clubs affiliated with Olympos, you will be requested to pay an additional fee to the club of your choice.

OlymPas benefits

Nowhere in Utrecht will you get access to so many sports programmes for such a low fee with one single membership card. Nowhere in Utrecht will students get a better deal…. What’s more: Olympos boasts extensive opening hours and a great Sports Café!

Online brochure

Click here to find all the information about the OlymPas in our online brochure.

Online Home Work-outs (free)

Sit less, feel better! Are you studying from home and do you want to keep active? On the Olympos You Tube channel you can find a wide range of home work-outs and active beaks, varying in intensity and length (10-40 minutes). You can watch and join them any time you like. A good start or end to your study day or an energizing break!


Sportcentrum Olympos

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