Studium Generale
Studium Generale

Studium Generale is the public platform for knowledge & reflection of Utrecht University. We organize public events with scientists and thinkers at the interface of science and society, including lectures, talk shows and movie screenings. We pose thought-provoking questions beyond the borders of disciplines. With state-of-the art academic knowledge and reflection, we address an audience of students, professionals and other curious people. Check out our events or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on what is coming up next. Locations are in the city centre. No registration is needed, everyone is welcome and entrance is free!


Want to get a taste of what we do? Listen to our podcast with behavioural biologist Lisette van den Berg who talks about the book My Life with the Chimpansee by Jane Goodall. She explains how Goodall’s work revolutionized our understanding of chimps, and radically changed the way we think about the relationship between humans and other species. Or listen to philosopher Prof. Quassim Cassam’s talk about human vices such as close-mindedness and prejudice, and the role they’ve played in recent political events. What’s so bad about them and what can we do to control them?

Photo: Jan Willem Groen Fotografie

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