Study Associations

Becoming a member of a study association can be very useful and also very fun, we would definitely recommend it!

A study association supports you in everything related to your study programme  and helps you take the first steps in your career. For example, most study associations offer discounts on your study books, publish summaries and organise career and networking events for you to explore opportunities on the job market.

Many study associations also offer you the possibility to become active in one of their committees or in the board. By doing this, you will gain some great experience and meet lots of new people. On top of this, it boosts your CV!

Usually each field of study or specialization has its own study association. Please find the study association connected to your field of study here. On the associations’ websites you can find more information about how to sign up as a member and their activities.

Some of the study associations are also joining us in the Meet & Greet at 13:30. To get to know them a bit already, check out their pages via the links below!

Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?