Utrecht Debating Society

Utrecht Debating Society is the debating society of Utrecht. Every Wednesday, we gather on the campus of University College at 19:30 for our weekly debate nights. After the debating, we’re usually going to the café ‘t Pandje to have some drinks and hang out together. As our debates are in English, we have a lot of international members who actively participate in our society. Besides debating we also organize a lot of non-debating social activities like laser tag, pub quizzes or game nights. If you want to learn debating or further improve your skills, get more confident in public speaking or just want to get involved in a social small scale society: UDS is there for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you already have any previous debating experience or not, all our members will gladly help you improve! The combination of discussing societal issues in a laid-back ambiance where English is the main language makes UDS a very unique society. One can make many new friends and develop a valuable life-skill in the process. Feel free to come by and visit one of our evenings! For more information, visit our Facebook  or our website.

Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?