Vegan Student Association Utrecht
Building a vegan minded community for students. To have fun, educate and promote veganism

Welcome to VSA Utrecht!

Are you vegan, or interested in the lifestyle? Join the new Vegan Student Association! Our goal is to connect students involved or interested in veganism and to have fun together. We want to create a welcoming and supportive community for students and increase the visibility of the vegan movement. An important note is that you do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to be able to join, anyone interested in veganism, sustainability, equality, or just to have a good time is welcome! As a member, you will be welcome at all our events and get veganism-related discounts at places all over Utrecht.


Our events

We have weekly events so follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date! Our events include potlucks, movie screenings, monthly drinks, pub quizzes, clothing swaps, and more. Since we are a new association, our members can truly shape our VSA. All ideas are welcome!

See all our upcoming events here:


Events September

  • Vegan Chalking Night 4th of September
  • September drinks 9th of September
  • Funky Vegan Festival Amsterdam 26th of September

All of these will be open events, so you are welcome to join if you are not a member (yet)!



Within VSA Utrecht, we work with several committees. This is a great way to get involved, without a large time commitment!

Our committees are:

External Affairs

Are you frustrated with the lack of vegan products offered in restaurants and cafes on campus? Do you like cheap vegan food? The external affairs committee talks to restaurants, cafes, and the university to promote vegan and sustainable options on campus. By joining the EA committee you will be able to make a direct and noticeable impact on the food offered to students! This committee also secures discounts for our members at places with vegan options all over Utrecht.


Are you interested in traveling and planning? Then the excursion committee is perfect for you! This committee will be planning weekend- and day trips both within The Netherlands and abroad. On our travels, we will find amazing vegan food, explore Europe, and just have a great time together. Now with COVID-19, we will, of course, follow the rules and stick to exploring other Dutch cities or other places where it is okay to travel.


This committee promotes the association’s events, collaborators/partners, other social media activities, and (regional) vegan news. It also provides exposure for vegan products, e.g recipes/clothing/beauty products via the association’s media outlets. There is a lot of freedom here, the only limit is your creativity!


This committee is in charge of the organization of all of our events. The goal of these events is to build and maintain a supportive and sustainable community of vegan(-minded) people. There is a lot of freedom here, as you can pretty much organize whatever you want! Examples of events are potlucks, cooking workshops, pub quizzes, drinks, and going to animal sanctuaries or vegan-related events (outside of VSA) together. The event can also have another focus such as sustainability and equality. Examples of events for sustainability could be clothing swaps and thrift shopping. Events related to equality could be attending a pride parade or watching a movie about black history.


As a member of the outreach committee, you will be responsible for spreading the vegan message, as well as educating people about vegan (related) matters. This committee organizes educational events, such as chalking nights, screenings, and lectures, to bring attention to the negative consequences of animal agriculture and encourage students to choose vegan alternatives. The core of this committee is that we are here to encourage and not to shame, everyone is welcome and every small step is amazing.

Join us!

Do you want to join VSA Utrecht, either as a regular member or as a committee member? A full year of membership will only cost you €10! You can sign up through this link:

Stay up to date and see when we have events at our Instagram vsa.utrecht and Facebook Vegan Student Association Utrecht!

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?