Vita Optima
Vita Optima is the student society for purposefulness and spirituality. Everyone has wondered what the meaning of life is. Questions like 'Why am I on this earth?' and 'Is there more between heaven and earth?' keeps a lot of students busy. The purpose of Vita Optima is to answer these kinds of questions.

Vita Optima

In addition to this, the student phase of life is very turbulent. A lot of challenges appear along the way. Students must find a balance between career ambitions, maintaining social contact while keeping enough time for themselves.
We want to meet these needs by having weekly gatherings where students get to know each other better and inspire each other. Every evening will have a specific topic, like purposefulness, faith, creativity, spirituality, etc.
The first Vita Optima Night of this season is on Monday the 7th of September. The evening will start at 18:30 with an amazing meal after which we will have a speaker who will talk about the theme ‘Living life to the fullest’.
Got any tips or questions for us or your fellow students?