Watch it Again! Skills Lab: What’s new in academic writing?
Learn how to be a "state of the art" academic writer!

Webinar by dr. Joy de Jong, manager of Skills Lab Writing Centre, and Sanne Walhout, peer tutor.

Academic writing at a Dutch university might be different from what you are used to in your home country. Text genres might be new to you, as well as the way you are expected to work and communicate with lecturers and supervisors. In this webinar we will try to shed some light on the Dutch situation and the challenges you might face.

Additionally, we will share some very useful websites and give information on where you can find additional support. In and around Utrecht University there is a wealth of affordable – or even free –  courses, workshops, (peer) tutoring and events on academic writing. In this, Skills Lab’s Writing Centre collaborates with for example the University Library, study advisors and study skills trainers.

Update: by request of many students, we are sharing the slides from Skills Lab’s presentation. You can download them via WeTransfer by clicking here.

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