Hoog Catharijne

International attention

Connecting the train station and the city centre, this mall is located in the heart of Utrecht. Mall are a rare occurrence in the Netherlands, since most people tend to do their shopping in the city centre. However, Utrecht attracted international attention in the 1970s because Hoog Catharijne was the biggest indoor mall of Europe at the time of completion.


The design of the 1970s didn’t age well into the new millennium. Low ceilings and dim light characterized the mall, and it was no longer a location of pride for Utrecht. That’s why the mall has undergone a metamorphosis during the past few years, and it now has a new modern look!


Hoog Catharijne offers the opportunity to shop seven a days a week. The mall houses more than 90 stores, and also has its own small food court with various options for dinner or lunch!

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