Janskerhof is one of many iconic squares located near the city center of Utrecht. On this square there is a lot more than meets the eye at first.


The most prominent building on the square is the church, JanskerkIn this old building, the traditional and the contemporary coexist in harmony. This old church was built sometime after 1040 A.D and still stands to this day. Originally built under the Dutch Reformed Church denomination of Christianity, in present times this church serves for so much more. The ecumenical Christian community of Utrecht uses the building for their church services, but Janskerk can be rented out for various events such as concerts, graduations, weddings and other kinds of social gatherings.  

Flower and plant market

Every Saturday, Janskerkhof is transformed into a weekly flower and plant market with a cozy atmosphere. There is a vastly large selection of plants, seeds, flowers, and bulbs that you can purchase from local botanists. You can choose between decorative plants for both inside and outside, but also plenty of vegetable and fruit plants and seeds for your very own vegetable garden! 

Food and drinks

It goes without saying that Utrecht is covered from top to bottom with lovely café’s and restaurants for you to enjoy a nice meal, a cup of coffee or tea, or a nice beer in a hot summer evening. Janskerkhof also offers a small variety of bars and café’s for you and your friends to sit down and enjoy a nice evening. 

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Picture: 850275 / Het Utrechts Archief

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