Kanaalweg: Muntgebouw and Park Oog in Al


The Kanaalweg is a street along the Merwede canal. A very nice place along the Kanaalweg which is definitely worth a visit is the point where the Merwede canal and the river the Leidsche Rijn cross. There is a popular swimming place there at the Muntkade and you can also find the Muntgebouw and Park Oog en Al nearby.


The Muntgebouw is the place where the Dutch National Mint was located until April 2020. Currently, the unique and imposing building is home to a congress centre.

Park Oog in Al

The park in Oog in Al is a very popular park for the locals, because there is something fun to do for people of all ages! The park has an animal meadow where you can see deers and a children playground. You can also check out an old tea house and leftovers of an old German bunker from World War II.

Check out the video our students made for you!

Picture: Goosen, D.C. / 838164 / Het Utrechts Archief

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