Maarsseveense Plassen

If you haven’t noticed yet, the Netherlands is full of all sorts of rivers, canals, waterways, lakes, and ponds. It is very common for people to go swimming to beat the heat during the hot and sunny summer days. Maarsseveense Plassen is one of many places in and around Utrecht in which people can go enjoy a refreshing dip in the water. While it is technically a part of the township of Maarssen, this small lake is not very far away from the north of Utrecht. It is therefore a great afternoon destination if you and your friends are looking for something a bit far away from the city, but still at a biking distance. Get your swimming suit, picnic blanket, a towel, and some friends to enjoy a relaxing evening in the outskirts of Utrecht.

Check out the video our students made for you!

Picture: Goosen, D.C. / 833986 / Het Utrechts Archief

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