Another popular destination in Utrecht for hanging out with your friends to go get a bite to eat, hang out, or go dancing in the evening. 

The Thinker

A distinguishable characteristic of this part of town is an eye-catching statue of a hare sitting in a pose resembling the famous statue by Rodin, “The Thinker”This hard-to-miss piece of art was selected among several other art pieces during a competition and referendum which ultimately resulted in its installation in 2002. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine Neude without this iconic statue. 

(Post) post office

Another important monument of Neude is the old main post office of Utrecht, which operated from 1924 until 2011. Presently, this massive building is no longer a post office, but it is still considered a national monument. The outside remains virtually untouched, but in recent years the inside of the building was redesigned and is now a library. Furthermore it accommodates shops, offices, and even a supermarket! 


All around the square of Neude there are several bars and restaurants to enjoy a lovely evening. During the summer, these bars and restaurants expand their shops by placing several tables outside.  

Check out the video our students made for you!

Picture: 833604 / Het Utrechts Archief

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