The old canal

Oudegracht translates literally to “Old Canal” from Dutch to English. The Oudegracht is probably the most important canal in Utrecht because historically, it served as an important waterway for transportation of goods connecting the North and South waterways of the city, running straight through the middle of the city centre. Presently, the Oudegracht is not such an important commercial route for transporting goods, but it is still possible to ride trough it with a boat or kayak.  

 Plenty to do

The Oudegracht is approximately a two kilometer long stretch of water with roads on either side, which means two whole kilometers of shops, churches, bars, restaurants, small venues, houses, and more! Whether you travel by boat, kayak, bike, or foot, you will never run out of new experiences on the Oudegracht 

Check out the video our students made for you!

Picture: 841568 / Het Utrechts Archief

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