Smallest house on the Oudegracht
The Oudegracht cuts right through the city center of Utrecht, and along the water there are still many old small merchant houses. The special house at number 133, for example.

Wooden skeleton

This tiny canal house is the smallest house on the Oudegracht, and dates from the 14th century. At that time, many Utrecht buildings were made of wood, but the city petrified over the centuries due to the risk of fire.

This house was also originally made of wood, and the wooden frame is still visible in the side wall. The facade was petrified in the 17th century and replaced in the 18th century by the current bell facade. The shop front dates from the 1976 restoration.

Retail space

The small house was originally larger, but was split in two in 1581. The building therefore has several cellars. The historic merchant’s house has now been used as a retail space for years, and since 2006 you can find a jewelery shop here Pracht.

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