In the Sonnenborgh museum you can almost touch the stars!

Museum & observatory

The Sonnenborgh museum is an observatory from the nineteenth century where you can almost touch the stars. It is located up on a hill on the edge of the city centre. In the museum, you can make a tour guided by a tablet, to discover all about the universe and research at Sonnenborgh. The Sonnenborgh hosts three telescopes: the Merz, Gala and the Lunt, which allows you to observe the sun during the day. The Lunt is the largest sun telescope of the Netherlands.

The Bastion

The Sonnenborgh observatory was built on a bastion which was built in 1552. It is one of the best-preserved bastions of Europe. When archaeologists dug up the old Bastion between 1998 and 2003, they also discovered the remainders of an hortus medicus from the seventeenth century, which was the first botanical garden of Utrecht, and a chemistry laboratory from around 1700, of which the old floor and equipment are still displayed in the museum. 

Picture: Goosen, D.C. / 833259 / Het Utrechts Archief

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