Wilhelmina Park
Enjoy a sunny day in the beatiful Wilhelmina Park!

Located between the city centre and the Utrecht Science Park, Wilhelmina Park is a popular location for relaxation and recreation in Utrecht. The park contains nice walking paths riddled with trees, a small pond with a water fountain, interesting statues and monuments, as well as open grass fields for picnicking, barbecues and playing with a frisbee.

The park is named after former queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who ruled from 1898 until 1948. This park is considered a national monument, and was one of the first few parks in the Netherlands to obtain such a title.

Inside the park you can also find a restaurant, called Wilhelminapark, as well as an ex-bunker that serves as a rotating art installation.

Picture: Goosen, D.C. / 833584 / Het Utrechts Archief

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