Rewatch – Opening Show Orientation

Rewatch the Orientation Opening Show

Rewatch the Opening Show of the Orientation now!

Your student days start here!

The Orientation welcomes you live from Tivoli Vredenburg. Tivoli Vredenburg is a large contemporary music complex located in the city centre of Utrecht, and the Orientation will start from here! The livestream will be packed with a performance from STUdance, a speaker from the Orientation team to explain everything about the coming days, a welcome speech from the president of the executive board of the UU and some personal experiences from international students!

We wish you a fantastic Orientation and a good start to your student days!

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  • Henri De Cort
    Henri De Cort
    3 months ago

    hello, does someone know how to get a microsoft teams account?


  • Dimitrios Bakogiannis
    Dimitrios Bakogiannis
    3 months ago

    hi you just download and when it aks for an email add your uu acount should be fine after that.


  • Micol Volonteri
    Micol Volonteri
    3 months ago

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any information about my group nor my mentor group on my account. I have checked many times but it is always blank. Does anyone know what I can do to solve the problem?